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Hi, I’m Corine Frank

“I am a wife, mother of two, and a community leader!”

My husband Josh and I have been married for almost 13 years.  After staying home to raise my two children, Cullen and Colette, I became involved the in PTA and local politics.  After eight years of being a stay at home mom, I was given an amazing opportunity and became the Executive Director of the Maryland Republican Party.  I have been incredibly blessed to have a beautiful family, a career that I love and this tremendous opportunity to continue to support my Community.

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I will continue to Fight for our Families

I have served as the PTA President of Bodkin Elementary, the Vice Chair of the Anne Arundel Country Republican Central Committee, the Chairman of the Maryland GOP Rules Committee, an HOA Board member and many other Community activities and have Chaired several other Committees.  I have also served on the School Board Appointment Commission as an appointee of County Executive Steve Schuh to appoint a replacement Board Member.  Accomplishing great things for our Community has been an honor and I  will continue to work hard!

I joined with the CBMS PTA to advocate for clean water in our schools. When we brought this fight to Annapolis, we quickly resolved a problem that had plagued our school for decades. I am happy to report that CHS, CBMS and Bodkin now have bottled water stations so that ALL of our children have access to clean and palatable water.

I organized the PTA’s of the Chesapeake Cluster and we hosted an Elementary version of the Not My Child panel.  At the end of this presentation a School Health Services Supervisor was on hand to offer Narcan training for community members that night.

I frequently testify to the BOE to advocate for our children and our community!  Currently, I am the Executive Director for the Maryland Republican Party.

Advocacy is one of my greatest passions next to my husband and children and I will continue to work hard to make District 3 the best it can be!

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My Story

“ As the oldest of four children, I have been a leader all of my life!”

My Grandparents moved to the area in the 70’s and both immediately became active in local youth sports. My Grandmother helped to build our church and was active in the Parish for over 40 years. During that time, the entire family has contributed to our Community in the church, local businesses, sports, theater, and endless community events.

Both my husband and myself grew up in a large family and were raised to be frugal. These lessons have allowed us to raise a family on one income in Pasadena. We live in a rancher that is small in size, but large in love and laughter.

Family and Community have always been important to me, and my own family members have been important role models by teaching me respect and to value hard work. I have looked up to strong and compassionate women throughout my life and I aspire to become the same positive influence for my children.

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Community means everything to me!

I am active and involved in our community. As a lifelong resident of Pasadena, I have a love of this area. I played at Downs Park as a child and it is a fulfilling experience to watch my children play on the same beach and stroll through the gardens. I have participated in the County Fair, the PBA Parade, Tree Lightings, Festivals, the Glen Burnie Carnival and many of the other events that are local to this area! This community is an amazing place to live and raise children and I will continue to fight to preserve our way of life and to support our families! I am extremely focused on the problems of our youngest generation. I am very active in the school and invested in our children’s education.

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Mar 06, 2019

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